Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cost of Frugality

My wife and I went to a Phillies game last night. Nothing new. We've done this many times together and I've been to more Phillies games over the years than I'll ever remember. But when it comes to getting bang for your buck, nothing tops last night's game.

One of my coworkers emailed me several weeks ago to let me know he was getting a bunch of Phillies tickets through an organization at UPenn and wanted to know if I wanted any. They were $2 each, he said. I replied to his email, correcting him on the dollar figure. Surely, he must have meant to write $20 per ticket, right? No, they were $2 each. T-W-O! In this era of grossly inflated MLB ticket prices, I naturally couldn't pass that up and asked for two tickets for the May 12th game against the Los Angeles Dodgers (a team whom it bears repeating, the Phillies destroyed in last year's NLCS, en route to winning the World Series...but I digress). With the Yankees charging somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 PER TICKET if you want to sit anywhere in the lower level of their dumb new stadium, $4 for two Phillies tickets was more than getting away with murder!

Well it turns out that last night's game was also one of only a few annual "Dollar Dog" nights, meaning that hot dogs would only cost $1 each as compared to the normally horrendous $3.50. When I found this out, my goal was to see how I could make this the most cost-effective Phillies experience ever. When all was said and done, I thought it was too cool not to share. So here's how the night panned out financially:
  • $4 (two tickets)
  • $12 (four hot dogs & two drinks...yes, drinks were $4.00 each...ugh!)
  • $4 (round-trip subway fare for my wife)

    TOTAL COST: $20 (ie, priceless)

$20 will usually not gain even one person admission to a major league baseball game. Yet on this night, it provided two seats in the ballpark, dinner for two, and my wife's transportation to and from the game.

To make this amazingly cost-effective outing complete, the Phillies beat the Dodgers 5-3. Starting pitcher Chan Ho Park got his first win as a Phillie, outfielder Jayson Werth stole four bases (including a rare and dramatic steal of home plate!), and closer Brad Lidge survived a shaky 9th inning to record his 5th save of the season.

There are some things money can't buy...
...and those are Yankee tickets on a normal person's wages.

Go Phils!

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