Friday, June 25, 2010


Last weekend, I performed at a gig to help raise money for my wife and I to adopt a baby. One of the songs I did was an original that I wrote called "Disneyland." I received some positive feedback on it, so I thought I'd share the inspiration behind the song's development.

For some time, I've been growing increasingly more and more convicted about how we in the United States go to sleep and wake up everyday in "Disneyland." Our worst day is still better than that of 97% of the rest of the world. By and large, we are spoiled beyond belief and live for the next meal, next fix, next high. We claim to be super busy but refuse to acknowledge the needs of anyone else. While millions of kids starve to death every day, we flip out if a restaurant screws up a food order that will only serve to grow our increasingly expanding bellies. We'll spend recklessly on many frivilous things, but if asked to share our excess with the poor and needy, we cry poverty.

As Christians -- of whom I am one -- we've completely turned our backs on Jesus' call to love our neighbors, love and pray for our enemies, and help the poor. Catch slogans are our religion, consumerism is our god, and political victories that further alienate others are our end.

I could not be more guilty of these crimes if I tried.

© 2010 Alan Atchison

Woke up this morning and hit the snooze,
had my choice of fifteen pairs of shoes.
The coffee's hot and the house is warm,
and my brand new car drives like a charm.

Just another day, when everything goes my way.
This is just how I'd like to stay; in Disneyland.

The bills just keep on piling up,
in debt so bad I want to just give up.
The baby's crying and the wife's a nag,
and the dog just puked in my duffel bag.

Just another day, when nothing goes my way.
But thank God I work and live and play in Disneyland.

I go to church every single week,
but I don't care to turn the other cheek.
Looking out for number one, to be sure,
so why should I give a damn about the poor?

Just another day when black and white turns gray,
now please just get out of my way...
Just another day I look into the mirror and I pray,
to Jesus of the USA; my Disneyland.

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  1. those are great lyrics. please get them copyrighted asap or else someone may steal them...